Body, Paint & Chassis - Landau Tops

Description: Usually found on luxury cars, a landau roof enhances the outside appearance by adding an element of formality to a car's roofline. Instead of a full covering of the roof area, a landau roof usually covers the rear section. Landau roofs most commonly use vinyl as a covering material, but sometimes can be found covered with a durable cloth.

Since the landau roof covering is different from the painted surfaces of the remainder of the roof and body, it requires different upkeep. Regular care will extend the life of your landau roof, by protecting it from the elements and the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.

Purpose: Landau tops enhance vehicle appearance.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions: Inspect the roof regularly for signs of damage, loosening and debris. If the roof shows signs of looseness, damage or pulling from the corners, have a professional evaluate the damage right away. Catching a minor problem early may mean that the roof can be repaired easily now rather than confronting the cost of a major repair later. Bird droppings and chemicals used on roadways can discolour the roof, so they need to be removed right away. That's why it's always best to precede roof cleaning with a thorough washing of your car's exterior. So you don't have to fight the sun and its effects, always wash your car and perform roof cleaning in the shade.

To clean a vinyl roof, apply quality vinyl roof cleaner with a white, all-cotton, terrycloth towel to entire vinyl roof. Do not "spot clean" just a given section as it may result in uneven coloration of the roof at a later point. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label of the cleaner for best results. For areas with stubborn dirt imbedded into the texture of the vinyl, apply the cleaner to a soft, nylon-bristled brush and scrub gently. Once you're finished applying the cleaner, wait a few minutes and then wipe the treated area with a second towel.

Never use harsh chemicals like solvents or bleach as they may damage or discolour the roof. Also, avoid using abrasive cleaning pads as they can scratch and "open up" the vinyl, accelerating wear and creating a more porous surface for dirt to stick. If needed, repeat the cleaning cycle if the vinyl top is extremely dirty. Apply a vinyl protector when finished.

Cleaning a cloth landau roof requires some extra precautions over vinyl. Wash the top in the shade with car wash soap and water, or soap specifically designed for cloth roofs and tops. Apply the soap with a sponge, or a cleaning brush, with soft, nylon bristles. Never use a brush with stiff (especially metal) bristles as it may damage the roof. Also, steer clear of towels, a chamois or a cleaning cloth at this point, because it can leave lint or push dirt into the top. If you encounter tough stains in the cloth, use a dedicated cleaner specifically made for this purpose. After the top dries, apply a cloth roof/top protectant to guard against the sun's UV rays and to repel dirt.

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